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Barn was in rough shape when we got there.

Door to the left that my son Grayson is standing in front of, is on the back side of this barn.

Almost all the framing in this gable end was rotted.

This picture shows new tie beam in stalled and new studs.

Gabe pointing in the new rear plate

New roof deck installed, new floor joists being preped for installation.

Pic of new pine roof sheathing


Tusk like tenons cut on end of new joists.

New joist getting lowered into place.

New joists installed.

Gabe cutting in mortise on stairwell header.

New Southern yellow pine floor installed along with half wall for top of stairs.

New stairs built to look old.

Siding installed (By us) and sliding door installed

Bulge in wall required us to do some creative flashing work.

Finally getting some use out of the old structure.

Roof Installed by Baker, Panels supplied by Stro-fab inc.

Owner wanted front lower wall framed in and carriage doors made...Who are we to say no!

Completed carriage doors

Finished product!!  Carriage doors are of clear cedar, Hinges are antique hand wrought.

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