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Over the past seven or eight years, I had seen many examples of Rich Baker's craftsmanship-- from new construction and finish work to timber framing to historic barn reconstructions and restorations as well as conversions of barns to living space without losing their historic feel. I recognized that he possessed the skills and attention to detail needed to provide the high quality results required by a demanding client like me.

As a builder, I recently had the opportunity to hire Rich to consult on and provide the finishing work for a high-end home in Delaware Twp. and he exceeded my high expectations. Instead of just asking what I wanted to put up, he reviewed my plans, took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve, offered alternatives, and then applied his craftsmanship to provide excellent results. From mock-ups of doorway pediments to making plinth blocks on-site to providing details such as returns on window sills and other trim when others would have been content to take the easy way out, Rich and his very capable and equally talented assistant met the challenges of my project and added unique character to the home.

Salvatore J. LoSapio
SJL Homes

Baker Barn and Home Restoration LLC. did a fabulous job on our timberframe family room. It was amazing to watch Rich Baker and his crew cut the mortises and tenons in pieces of wood 28 feet in length and then to watch all of the pieces fit together perfectly. They completed the raising in one day, including placing the traditional pine bough from the property at the tallest point of the building. Our new house is a hybrid of stick framing and timberframing; we designed the stick frame and hired an architect to design the timbers. The job went so smoothly that the architect refunded the portion of his fee he allocated for the site visits. We then commissioned Rich and company to install the floor in the library, and trim the remainder of the house, which they did with absolute precision.

If you are considering timberframe in any part of your home, Baker Barn and Home is the only place to look.

Heidi and Rob Tomenchok

Rich Baker and his team restored our 19th century barn with workmanship and quality of old world craftsman. From restored wood beams and true square framing to the detail in the wood siding and new metal roof we trusted him from day one and were rewarded with a newly built barn that is a joy to see every time you come up the drive. We enthusiastically recommend his team, and look forward to our next project with them. When was the last time you had that experience with a contractor?

R. Brent and Deidre Alderfer